Frequently Asked Questions

  • My DJ/rental company offered me lighting. Why should I hire Kalos? - Great question! Even though another vendor may be able to provide you with a basic lighting setup, they typically don't have the knowledge or resources to offer the awe-inspiring type of design we can since it isn't their primary service. If you want a "Photoshopped" look in real life, you should delegate lighting to the lighting professionals.


  • What type of events do you light? - Any event or space you want transformed! We are experienced in weddings, mitzvahs, corporate functions, quinceaneras, fashion shows, festivals, and even permanent/semi-permanent venue installations.

  • What do you charge? - Since pricing depends on the specifics of each event, that answer can vary wildly. Specifically, the venue, the vision we are working to achieve, and the complexity of the job all play a role in determining the investment required to properly light your event. After a thorough understanding of your vision, we are happy to provide a written quote and a written contract should you secure our services. From our experience, 5-7% of an event budget should be allocated to lighting design.

  • Are you insured? - Yes, rest assured, we meet all typical venue requirements for liability insurance. We will gladly provide proof of coverage directly to your venue coordinator as requested.

  • When do you arrive to set up? - Depending on the specifics of your event, our arrival time can vary greatly. The more complex the design, the more setup time will be required. Setup time is included as part of your contract. We will coordinate all setup and tear down times directly with your venue.

  • Will you be on-site during my event? - Of course! Our technicians will be professionally dressed in all black, out of sight, but close enough to ensure everything is as it should be for the duration of your event.

  • Do you have any special requests from my venue? - Depending on the scale and complexity of your request, it may be necessary to access your venue the day beforehand or have additional power fed into the space. All of this will be discussed and planned for far in advance with your venue coordinator.

  • Do you need to meet with me at my venue? - Absolutely! In order to properly understand your vision and ensure we are contracting with your exact needs in mind, it is imperative to walk through the event space together. For out of town clients, we are available to Facetime or Skype as required if an in-person meeting is not possible.

  • When should I book your services? - As a boutique lighting design company, availability is limited, especially in "peak wedding season". For this reason, we encourage prospective clients to reserve the event date as soon as they have decided they would like to work with us. Dates can be reserved long before venue walk throughs or detailed vision finalization has occurred. Please see our The Process page for more details.


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