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Our Process

We're here for two reasons: The first is to help you fully realize your vision and bring it to life in a way that exceeds your expectations. The second, to make this part of wedding/event planning exceptionally easy.


1.  Click the "Get in Touch" button below and complete the contact form. This will help us to understand your needs and ensure we are available and able to help.


2.  We will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your vision and ideas in more detail and answer any questions.


3.  If, after that call you feel confident we fully grasp your vision and you would like to secure your date, we will send an estimate outlining a "ballpark figure", minimum package price and required deposit (25% of the estimate total).


4.  Secure your date on our calendar with a signed estimate and paid deposit. 


5.  At that time, we schedule a venue walk through to intimately discuss your details, vision, and questions at length.


6.  Two to four weeks later, we meet again for a design consultation where we present our ideas based on our walk through and work toward a finalized design. This phase may include a concept board and detailed layout design.


7.  Once a final design is established, a final contract will be sent for signature and the remaining deposit (50% of total contract minus original deposit already paid) will become due.


8.  We will coordinate with your planner, venue coordinator, and additional vendors as required to ensure a smooth process leading up to the big day, checking in with you periodically to keep your mind at ease.

9.  We check in with you four weeks before the wedding/event date to confirm the design and ensure there are no changes required. The remainder of the balance becomes due at this time.

10.  Five days before the event date, we send a final confirmation to your planner, venue coordinator, and other vendors as required for flawless execution.

11.  Day of, our team is on-site by the agreed upon setup time and you are at ease knowing your design is coming together behind the scenes. We invite you into the event space before your guests for the big reveal!


12.  For years to come, you look back on photos and video of the Kalos we created together!

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