Custom designed to evoke the emotion you desire
and enhance the look and functionality of your space.

For a moment, I want you to close your eyes and picture your dream wedding. What did you see? Well, first off, without lighting, you probably didn't see much. Lighting, at it's most basic root is of course functional. It is a necessary component to any event taking place after sunset. Taken a step further, professionally designed lighting can enhance architectural elements in a space and spotlight important areas of focus, directing your guest's eyes where you want the attention.

Perhaps most importantly, lighting is a key driver in the emotional vibe of your wedding day. Picture your wedding and this scenario: the entertainer announces your first dance as a married couple and your first dance song begins to play. Suddenly, the room full of bright pink lighting fades to a dim blue and a bright white spotlight illuminates the center of the dance floor just as you take your first step out there. It's powerful, it's magical, it's professionally designed lighting. Picture that scenario and the emotion that would flood the room compared to a first dance with no specialty lighting at all. Enormous difference.

Lighting isn't just another decor item. Properly designed, lighting is the single most important design element as it will enhance, improve, and transform all other elements.  The vibe, the mood, and the energy within your space will have a direct correlation to the lighting design.

It's also important to consider the impact well thought out lighting designs will have on your photographs and wedding films. For years to come, you will look back with fond memories on this special day.

Having beautiful lighting designs will only enhance the quality of these images.

From rustic chic to modern elegant, we are passionate about breathtaking lighting and will ensure your design will be custom created to match your vision, venue, and dream.

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